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Radiology Services of New York

Radiology Equipment
Latest Technology = Highest Quality Diagnostic Imaging

The Siemens Magnetom Symphony is a state-of-the-art MRI system.  Its high field strength (1.5 Tesla) and advanced software packages permit all basic and advances MRI studies.  Compared to other similar high-field magnets the Symphony is quieter, faster, and produces superior images.  With its flared opening and the shortest bore available for a high field system, the Siemens Magnetom Symphony is ideal for claustrophobic patients.  It is better than traditional open-bore MRI systems, which are limited by their low field strength, poor image quality, and are not truly open.  The spaciousness of the Siemens Magnetom Symphony allows us to accept heavier patents who cannot be scanned on other MRI systems.  Advanced technology for the Siemens Magnetom Symphony uses multi-purpose integrated coils which permit shorter scan times and give the patient a more pleasant imaging experience.

The Siemens Somatom is a 16 slice CT system.  It acquires images many times faster than a conventional spiral CT.  Since each image is obtained in less than a second, respiratory and cardiac motion artifacts are minimized.  These features produce the shortest possible scan times and maximum patient comfort.  The advanced ultra-fast ceramic detector system reduces patient radiation exposures while producing the sharpest images possible.

The Acuson Antares is one of the most compact and quietest ultrasound units available.  This provides maximum patient comfort with ease of scanning.  It is particularly well suited for billiary, renal, OB-GYN, and vascular studies.

Digital Radiography
The Siemens Multix Pro x-ray system along with the Carestream DRX system is the latest in advanced x-ray imaging.  Images are digitally captured, archived, and are available at any time for review.  The computerized system allows complete control over image quality.  Unnecessary x-ray exposure is eliminated and the need for repeat images is greatly reduced.

RIS System

  • Our Radiology Information System (RIS) allow all patient data to be stored
    digitally and permits report turn-around of 24 hours.
  • Scheduling and referrals are made easier for you and your staff.
  • All vital health statistics and insurance information are securely stored for
    future use.


PACS System

  • Our Picture Archiving and Storage system (PACS) allows us to most accurately analyze every patient exam and store them for review at any time.
  • Our digitally stored images eliminate lost studies, and reduce delays in interpretation and report turn around.
  • We also have the capability to securely send patient studies to sub-specialty radiologists at premier medical centers across the United States such as our colleagues at Johns Hopkins Hospital and NYU medical center.